Forskolin is the word du jour when searching for weight loss methods. Let’s get straight to the first question on everyone’s mind – is this another “snake oil” type of supplement or does forskolin really work? What exactly is this natural supplement and can it improve your health in helping you lose weight? Forskolin is a natural compound made from the root of a tropical plant related to mint. Celebrity nutritionists like Dr.Oz have brought it to our attention, calling it “lightning in a bottle” and stating that forskolin helps people lose weight without any changes to their diets or fitness regimes.

Scientific research shows that forskolin can contribute to weight loss, but it is not a “miracle weight loss supplement” as many would like you to think. There is no magic pill that will help you lose weight fast. You may still need to stick to a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and use scientific methods.

How it works

The natural extract has a long history and, as a traditional herbal medicine, it has been used over the centuries to treat high blood pressure, respiratory and heart problems. It is supposed to speed up fat loss, contributing to losing weight. Today’s scientific research shows that the extract also promotes cardiovascular effects. It appears that forskolin does not directly promote weight loss, but it may help prevent weight gain. It works by affecting the muscle/fat ratios in the body, managing lipid levels, hormonal levels. The supplement also causes spikes in a chemical called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which in turn regulates a lot of bodily functions.

There are mixed results in terms of clinical trials on humans. One study found that women did not lose existing weight when using forskolin, but that the supplement did help them avoid gaining additional weight. Another study showed that forskolin helped reduce fatigue and suppress appetite. Still, these studies were conducted on a small number of participants, so the effects of the extract cannot be said to be widely applicable.

There is good news for men too. Studies show that men taking forskolin saw a change in body mass composition. More specifically, they ended up with less fat and increased the built of muscle mass. Forskolin also increased testosterone levels in some subjects by as much as 30%.


  • Potentially helpful to managing obesity by preventing weight gain
  • Not associated with negative side effects
  • May be used for treating high blood pressure, chest pains, allergies
  • Stimulates overall testosterone level in men
  • Increases bone mineral density (lowering the risk of osteoporosis)


  • Does not “melt away fat” and promote weight loss
  • Not too helpful for those who need to see faster results
  • Not enough positive scientific research to prove its safety
  • Some negative reactions such as headaches and fast heart beats have been reported

Where to buy Forskolin?

The best place to buy forskolin for weight loss is, unsurprisingly, online. Online shops offer you a better selection of this weight loss product than what is available in shops and the price is certainly kinder on the wallet. Purchasing supplements and dietary products online, aside from the better pricing and practicality, also ensures a certain amount of privacy that most people prefer.

Dietary supplements come in handy in the modern day life where we hardly have any time for exercise. So today, in the spirit of separating the chaff from the wheat, we’ll be taking a look at seven Forskolin for weight loss reviews.

Forskolin Fit Pro

Forskolin Fit Pro

This product is all natural as it is made from forskolin extract only. Therefore, it has very little if any side effects. Exercise is optional with Forskolin fit pro as the drug pretty much works on its own. Apart from its weight loss abilities, the supplement has also been known to cause the growth of lean muscles in mean because it greatly boosts the levels of the hormones responsible i.e testosterone.

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Apex Forskolin

Apex works to cut down on weight by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body thereby getting rid of excess fat. It also suppresses cravings and hunger in general which make it quite effective.

The drug has also been known to improve alertness and memory and build abs as well. At just $4.99 a bottle, you really have nothing to lose as it has no side effects as well.

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Forskolin Fuel

The product is quite new on the market and if the response it has received on the interwebs so far is anything to go buy, then this is one to avoid. Although there have been a significant number of success stories (where users have lost up to 12 lbs in under a month), a majority of its reviews on Amazon are negative as the drug has been found to be ineffective. Furthermore, important details like number of pills, ingredients, and prescription are quite sketchy.

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Pro ForskolinPro Forskolin

This supplement is all natural as well and helps you get the best out of your diet. The fact that Pro Forskolin has been endorsed by Dr.Oz, who lauded it as a miracle and a bottle of lighting means, it’s worth giving a try. Although he has been known to induce some ineffective brands in the past.

Be careful not to purchase this product with a credit card as the company is known to charge additional orders without consent.

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Nutra Forskolin

Nutra Forskolin

The Nutra Forskolin presents a fast and easy way of losing weight by increasing thermogenics within the body.

Although the scientific research behind this product isn’t so convincing, there have been cases where people have lost up to 6 pounds in two and a half months. The supplement is fairly priced and users should take only two capsules per day for good results.

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 Forskolin 250

 Forskolin 250

The major selling point with the Forskolin 250 is that unlike most of its counterparts in the market, it has a reputable name behind it: Bauer Nutrition. It is a reliable and fast weight loss solution and has been known to strengthen the body’s immune system as well.

The product has a relatively higher forskolin content than your average weight loss product; however, it is safe and more effective as result.All these coupled with a reasonable price tag of $44.95 make this product one of the best in the market.

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Pure Forskolin Slim

pure forskolin slim

This pure forskolin extract has received a lot of 5-star ratings and positive reviews so it’s definitely doing something right. One particular case stood out where a customer says he lost a staggering 45 pounds in just 4 months! And all without exercise too. It is all organic and therefore has zero side effects except the rare stomach upset at the beginning of the prescription. It also one worth your time.

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